tim lockridge

writer, reader, professor

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My long-form publications include Translinguality, Transmodality, and Difference: Exploring Dispositions and Change in Language and Learning, written with Bruce Horner & Cynthia Selfe, and Writing Workflows: Beyond Word Processing, written with Derek Van Ittersum and forthcoming from University of Michigan Press.

I am currently working on three major research projects: an archival study of the telephone, a series of case studies about writers & writing technologies, and the development of an electronic publishing collective at Miami University. For a list of recent publications, please refer to my CV.

I am also a senior editor of Computers & Composition Digital Press, and I built & maintain Rhetorlist.

I have received the Hugh Burns Best Dissertation Award, the Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship Award, and the Sweetland/University of Michigan Press Publication Prize.


My poetry has appeared in a number of literary magazines and websites. A few are available online:


The best way to get in touch with me is via email
( or Twitter (@timlockridge). You can also find me on Github and LinkedIn.