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writer, reader, professor

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PhD, Rhetoric and Writing, Virginia Tech, 2012

  • Dissertation: Beyond Invention: How Hackers Challenge Memory and Disrupt Delivery, winner of the 2012 Computers and Composition Hugh Burns Best Dissertation Award.

MFA, Creative Writing, Virginia Tech

BA, English, University of Southern Indiana





  • “Instructor’s Reflection for Alex Borowitz’s ‘Le Processus D’ecriture’” The Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects 8.2. 2019.


  • “The Kairos Preservation Project.” With Enrique Paz & Cynthia Johnson. Computers and Composition 46 (2017): 72-86
  • “Rhetorical Situations, Research Writing, and Genre: Cross-Institutional Collaboration on Curriculum Design.” Written with Diana George, John Trimbur, Anne C. Wheeler, Kat Gonso, Amy Patterson, and Dan Lawson. Journal of College Writing 10 (2010): 1–42.
  • “Icons and Genre: The Affordances of” Written with Jennifer Cover. Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture 9.3 (2009).


  • “Building Rhetorlist: A call for small, meaningful projects in Rhetoric & Composition.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, & Pedagogy 24.2. 2020.


  • “Cultural Studies and Composition.” Written with Diana George and John Trimbur. In A Guide To Composition Pedagogies, Second Edition. Oxford University Press. 2014.

  • “Challenging the Rules and Roles of Gaming: Griefing as Rhetorical Tactic.” Written with Evan Snider and Dan Lawson. In Guns, Grenades, and Grunts: The First-Person Shooter. Continuum International Publishing Group (Approaches to Digital Game Studies Series). 2012.

  • “Why Linearity is Not the Issue: Or, The New Work of Composing is Much Like the Old, Only Different.” Written with Diana George and Dan Lawson. In The New Work of Composing. Computers & Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press. 2012.


  • “Review of Writing for the Web and Designing Web-Based Applications for the 21st Century Writing Classroom.” Journal of Business and Technical Communication 29.1 (2015): 134-138.


Senior Editor (with Patrick W. Berry & Amber Buck), Computers & Composition Digital Press, an imprint of Utah State University Press.

As senior editor I have developed a new public-facing website for CCDP, configured & maintained a new Ubuntu server for the press, introduced version control procedures into our publication process, helped authors through the digital production process, built back-end tools for new projects, mentored authors in preservation and accesibility standards, worked to improve the preservability of new projects, and collaborated with IT and Press staff at Utah State University. I have also worked in a more traditional editorial capacity: soliciting proposals, approving or declining proposals, facilitating peer review, helping with marketing our books, and so on.


  • “CCDP as a Case Study for Digital Publishing Efforts.” With Cynthia Selfe, Gail Hawisher, Patrick Berry, & Melanie Yergeau. Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. 2016.

  • “Thinking About Multi (or Trans-) Modality, and Trans (or Multi-) Linguality: Power, Ideology, and Emerging Questions.” With Bruce Horner and Cynthia L. Selfe. Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. 2014.

  • “Collaboration and the Construction of Archives.” MediaCommons: A Digital Scholarly Network. 2013.


  • “Evaluating a Workflow for Authoring Multimodal DITA.” Written with Carlos Evia and Sean Healy. In Proceedings of the 31st ACM International Conference on Design of Communication (pp. 185-186). 2013.

  • “Structured Authoring meets Technical Comics in Techcommix.” Written with Carlos Evia, Michael Stewart, Siroberto Scerbo, and Manuel Perez-Quiñones. In Proceedings of the 30th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication (pp. 353-354). 2012.


  • Writing the Telephone, Writing the Cloud.


  • Reading Culture 7th Edition Instructor’s Manual. To accompany Reading Culture by Diana George & John Trimbur. Written with Dan Lawson, Kara Mae Brown, and Anne Wheeler. Pearson Publishing. 2009.

  • Composition at Virginia Tech Custom Textbook Chapters (2007-2011): “Writing In Electronic Environments: Text and Technology,” “Writing in Electronic Environments: Multimodal Composition” written with Evan Snider and Scott Kowalewski, “Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing” written with Kelly Pender, and “Visual Literacy” written with Diana George. Pearson Custom Publishing.


  • Technical consultant to Stevens Initiative Grant Application. PI: Stephen J. Parks. Submitted December 2018.
  • “Writing with Emergent Writing Technologies: Beyond Word Processing Research.” Written with Derek Van Ittersum. Submitted to the CCCC Research Initiative for $10,000. September 2015. Not funded.
  • “Balancing Entertainment and Information Content in Technical Communication Comics.” PI: Carlos Evia. Co-PI: Manuel Perez Quinones. Grant Proposal submitted to Google Research Award Program for $92,518. August 2011. Not funded.
  • “Balancing Entertainment and Information Content in Technical Communication Comics.” PI: Carlos Evia. Virginia Tech Dept of English Seed Grant. Awarded $1306. May 2011. Funded.
  • “Teaching to the Outcomes–A First-year Symposium.” PI: Diana George. Virginia Tech Office of Academic Assessment and the Department of Learning Technologies. Awarded $7500. July 2010. Funded.
  • “Synergistic Approach to Applying Rhetoric, Creative Writing, and Music for Teaching Science and Mathematics Concepts to Young Children.” PI: Carlos Evia. Virginia Tech Institute for Society, Culture, and the Environment. Awarded: $20,000. May 2007. Funded.


  • “Workflow Mapping.” Computers and Writing. East Lansing, MI. 2019.
  • “From Process to Workflow.” Watson Conference. Louisville, KY. 2018.
  • “Writing with File Versions.” Computers and Writing. Fairfax, VA. 2018.
  • “DIY Locksmithing.” Conference on Community Writing. Boulder, CO. 2017.
  • “Text Expansion and Wonder.” Computers and Writing. Findlay, OH. 2017.
  • “Developing a Pedagogical Space through Web Scholarship Preservation.” Computers and Writing. Findlay, OH. 2017. With Enrique Paz and Cynthia Johnson.
  • “Writing with Markdown.” Computers and Writing. Rochester, NY. 2016.
  • “Workflow Friction: Designing writing processes around difficulty.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Houston, TX. 2016.
  • “Designing Writing Technologies.” Computers & Writing. Menomonie, WI. 2015.
  • “Shifts in Markup: Early Hypertext Theory and Contemporary Writing Technologies.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, FL. 2015.
  • “Collaborating on Convergences: Multi- (or trans-) Modality, and Trans- (or multi-) linguality.” Thomas R. Watson Conference. Louisville, KY. 2014.
  • “Everyday Methods: Tools of the Digital Scholar.” Computers and Writing. Pullman, WA. 2014.
  • “Complicating Digital Transparency: A Pedagogical Approach.” Conference on College Composition and Communication: Computer Connection. Indianapolis, IN. 2014.
  • “Accessibility as Professional Practice: Producing and Circulating Digital Scholarship.” Computers and Writing. Frostburg, MD. 2013.
  • “The Digital Rhetorician as an Agent of Social Change.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Las Vegas, NV. 2013.
  • “Balancing Entertainment and Information Content in TechCommix.” Presented with Carlos Evia. Association of Teachers of Technical Writing Annual Conference. Saint Louis, MO. 2012.
  • “Hacking and the Commercialization of Delivery.” Computers and Writing. Raleigh, NC. 2012.
  • “Self-Publishing Hackers: Print Zines as Sites of Dissent.” Computers and Writing. Ann Arbor, MI. 2011.
  • “Into the Archives of Participatory Culture: Remediating Print Fanzines and Digital Collaboration.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Atlanta, GA. 2011.
  • “Affordances and Artifacts: Web Design in the Composition Classroom.” Council of Writing Program Administrators Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA. 2010.
  • “Shared Economies: Exploring an Enthusiast Frame for Writing Studies.” Computers and Writing. Lafayette, IN. 2010.
  • “Collective Revision: How Unsanctioned Fan Communities Rewrite Popular Culture.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Louisville, KY. 2010.
  • “What It Is: Lynda Barry, Web Comics, and the Movement of a Medium.” International Conference on Narrative. Birmingham, UK. 2009.
  • “Moving Information Through Multimodal Assignment Sequencing.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA. 2009.


  • “Digital publishing with Computers & Composition Digital Press.” Presented (via Skype) to Stanford University publishing seminar, hosted by Adam Banks. August 3, 2017 & August 8, 2018.
  • “Hypertext and Digital Rhetoric.” Presented (via Skype) to Jennifer Grouling’s Composition Pedagogy graduate seminar at Ball State University, April 19, 2017.
  • “An English Studies Approach to Digital Editing & Publishing Pedagogies.” Presented to Virginia Tech Department of English, February 15, 2017.
  • “Digital Publishing: Processes and Practices.” Digital Media and Composition (DMAC) Institute, Ohio State University. May 2016.
  • “Collaborative Writing: The Impact of Social Media.” Oakland University Writing Center. November 2015.
  • “Hackers, Sci-Fi, and Self-Publication: The photocopied page and the future of digital writing.” Oakland University. November 2015.
  • “Guest Lecture: Digital Publishing.” Oakland University Honors College. November 2015.
  • “The Academic Job Search: Campus Visits.” Computers and Writing Graduate Research Network. May 2014.
  • “From Satellites to Snowden: Hacker Histories and the Growth of Surveillance Culture.” Susquehanna University “Technology in our Lives” Speaker Series. March 2014.
  • “Balancing Entertainment and Information Content in Technical Comics.” Virginia Tech Center for Human-Computer Interaction. April 2012.
  • “A Brief History of the Web and Webtexts.” Virginia Tech Roanoke Center. April 2011.
  • Poetry Reading. High Rocks Reading Series. High Rocks Center, Hillsboro, WV. May 2011.


  • “Wordpress as LMS: A Beginners Guide to Creating Custom Course Websites.” Presented with Quinn Warnick at Computers and Writing. Frostburg, MD. May 2013.
  • Writing Workshop. Young Voices Visiting Writer Workshop Series. High Rocks Center, Hillsboro, WV. May 2011.
  • “Assignment Making and Multimodal Production.” Virginia Tech/Emerson College Colloquium on First-Year Writing. Boston, MA. May 2008.


  • Rhetorlist: Tracking new books in Rhetoric & Writing, Composition Studies, Technical Communication, and related disciplines.


Associate Professor, Miami University, 2020-present

Assistant Professor, Miami University, 2014-2020

  • ENG 770: Professional Writing
  • ENG720: Issues in Digital Composition
  • ENG495: Capstone in Rhetoric & Writing
  • ENG/IMS 426/526: Digital Publishing
  • ENG 412/512: Print & Digital Editing
  • ENG/IMS 411/511: Visual Rhetoric
  • ENG/IMS 224: Digital Writing and Rhetoric
  • Independent Study: Coding & Digital Composition
  • Independent Study: Writing with Computers
  • Independent Study: Algorithms

Assistant Professor, Saint Joseph’s University, 2012-2014

  • COM 491: Communications Internship
  • COM 373: Videogame Histories & Rhetorics
  • COM 372: Web Design and Development
  • COM 371: Civic Media
  • COM 201: Ethics in Communication
  • COM 200: Theory and Practice

Teaching Assistant, Virginia Tech, 2005–2008, 2010-2012

  • ENGL 4814: Writing for the Web
  • ENGL 2744: Intro to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 1106: First-Year Writing: Research
  • ENGL 1105: First-Year Writing

Academic Dean, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, 2008–2011, 2013

Graduate Assistant to the Writing Center Director, Virginia Tech, 2010-2012

Fellow, Virginia Tech Graduate Education Development Institute, 2008-10


  • Computers and Composition Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship Award (for CCDP), 2018.
  • University of Michigan Press/Sweetland DRC Publication Prize, 2018.
  • Computers and Composition Hugh Burns Best Dissertation Award. 2013.
  • The Composition Program Teaching Award. Virginia Tech, 2008.
  • Distinguished Service Award. Virginia Tech Department of English, 2008.
  • Global Perspectives Travel Award. Virginia Tech Graduate School, 2007.
  • The Emily Morrison Prize for Poetry. Virginia Tech, 2006.
  • Alfred Knobler Graduate Scholar Fellowship. Virginia Tech, 2005–2008.
  • Ropewalk Fellowship. Ropewalk Writers Retreat, New Harmony, IN. 2003, 2004, and 2006.
  • Outstanding Creative Writer Award. University of Southern Indiana, 2003.



  • Editorial Board Member. Communication Design Quarterly. 2018-.
  • Manuscript Reviewer. connexions in international professional communication and design ebook series.
  • Manuscript Reviewer. Macmillan Press.
  • Manuscript Reviewer. Computers and Composition.
  • Manuscript Reviewer. Written Communication.
  • Manuscript Reviewer. Enculturation.
  • Manuscript Reviewer. Routledge Press.
  • Awards Judge. Computers & Composition.
  • Discussion Leader. Computers and Writing Graduate Research Network. 2012-2018.
  • Assistant Editor. Kairos. 2010-2013.
  • Project Editor. Computers & Composition Digital Press. 2012-2013.
  • Blog Editor. Computers & Composition Digital Press. 2010-2012.


  • Member, English Department Steering Committee. 9/17-9/19.
  • Member, Digital Media Big Ideas Committee. 2018.
  • Member, Graduate Committee. 8/14-5/16; 2017-18; 2019-.
  • Member, English Department Chair Search Committee. Spring 2018.
  • Member, Graduate Awards Committee. 2017-18.
  • Member, Graduate Fellowship Committee. 2018.
  • Member, Graduate Student Placement Committee. 2017-18.
  • Chair, Computers, Research, & Pedagogy Committee. 2015.
  • Member, English Department Search Committee. 2015 & 2016.
  • Member, Rhetoric & Writing Committee. 8/14-Present.


  • Web Content Advisory Committee. 2014.
  • University Teaching and Learning Institute Search Committee. 2013.
  • Invited Speaker, New Faculty Orientation. 2013.
  • Communication Studies Assistant Professor Search Committee. 2014.
  • Co-Director, Beautiful Social Research Center. 2012-2014.
  • Communications Studies Department Chair Search Committee. 2012.


PhD Dissertation Director

  • Angela Glotfelter (in progress)
  • Christopher Maggio (in progress)
  • Laura Edwards (co-directing w/Jason Palmeri; in progress)

PhD Committee Member

  • Manea Alharbi (in progress)
  • Danielle Hart (in progress)
  • Alan Knowles (in progress)
  • Megan Schoettler (in progress)
  • Ryan Vingum (in progress)
  • Annika Vorhes (in progress)
  • Enrique Paz (defended 7/19)
  • Kathleen Coffey (defended 4/19)
  • Bridget Gelms (defended 4/18)
  • Patrick Harris (defended 7/17)
  • John Silvestro (defended 6/17)
  • Ryan Ireland (defended 4/16)

MA Thesis Director

  • Ryan Vingum (defended 6/16)

MA Thesis Committee Member

  • Angela Glotfelter (defended 6/17)
  • Kyle Larson (defended 7/16)
  • Christopher Maggio (defended 6/16)


  • Association of Teachers of Technical Writing
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication
  • National Council of Teachers of English